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25 + YEARS
Best Block Glass Block Service ® 8504 Pilot Ave. St. Louis,MO 63123
   Welcome to the website for Best Block Glass Block Service. We are a glass block installation "micro" business established in 1993 in order to provide the glass block market in St. Louis with an alternative to the "big guys" and their big guy prices. Since the day of our founding we have dedicated ourselves to providing our customers with the highest quality installation, the absolute best customer service along with the lowest possible price. This fact will become clear to you as you navigate through our site.
   We here at Best Block Glass Block Service feel our customers deserve to be treated with the utmost respect which is why our site contains no "stock" photos. All the pictures of projects you will see have been installed one block at a time on site by Best Block. We do not play any coupon games with our customers neither do we employ any sales tricks. We begin each project by always furnishing our potential customers with a complete bid at the time of their free estimate and finish each project with the furnishing of a lein waiver. In between the two you will experience what it feels like to not be taken for granted by a contractor.
   Whether or not you choose Best Block Glass Block Service to be your glass block installer we thank you for considering us and for visiting our site. If you need further assistance please contact us by phone or Email.