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"If It Needs To Be Glass Blocked...It Needs To Be Best Blocked"



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Why Install Glass Blocks ?
   Glass blocks add beauty and class to any project. They are extremely versatile and are installed for a wide variety of reasons. Please allow us to describe a few of these reasons on the page below.
  Security is one of the most frequently cited reasons for installing glass blocks. They beautifully provide security without the use of bars or the loss of natural light!
  Energy efficiency is a good reason to consider glass blocks. They insulate far better than a 1/8"flat sheet of glass.
They eliminate drafts and help conserve your heating and air conditioning costs.
  Glass blocks provide privacy while eliminating the need for window treatments and at the same time maintaining all the light that naturaly enters a window.
  Glass blocks are installed in below ground well windows in order to stop water that fills the well holes from leaking into a home. They act as a solid concrete block wall
eliminating the water penetration.
  Glass blocks are maintenance free. Nothing to scrape or paint, nothing to rust or peel. If a block should become broken that block can very easily be replaced without the need or cost to replace the entire window.
  Lastly and most importantly, cost.
Glass block replacement windows are nine times out of ten less expensive than other types of replacement windows. Interior design applications are usually comparable with other options. Either way it costs nothing to find out, we always offer free estimates.