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"If It Needs To Be Glass Blocked...It Needs To Be Best Blocked"



25 + YEARS

  Basement windows are probably 75% of the business we do here at Best Block. Old basement windows that have not rotted or rusted  away need constant maintenance to keep this from happening. Those that have disintegrated need replacement. Glass blocks can solve both of these issues and a whole host of others. Most applications in this area completely eliminate old worn out frames and the glass blocks are installed and sealed right onto the foundation providing a new, beautiful and maintenance free window that will last a lifetime!
  Bathroom window applications can be a little more difficult yet still something Best Block can handle. Most bathroom windows are in a shower area and after years of water on them they begin to rot and to develope mold. Trying to repair them can prove costly and ineffective. Glass blocks are a sure remedy for this because in most instances they eliminate the need for wood in the shower area. They then act like a brick wall, not allowing water to penetrate the window and do damage to the window itself or the structure underneath. And as above they are completely maintenance free!

  Garage windows require just as much work to maintain and rot out just as easily as do the windows described above. A lot of times the garage is the "catch all" for the home, but that does  not mean the home owner wants someone to break in and take all of their "catch all" items. Glass blocks will provide your garage and your entire home with an enormous amount of security while at the same time providing you with the piece of mind of knowing that no unwanted guests are going  to enter your property through a window you've had glass blocks installed in!

  Interior design applications can be some of the most complicated and challenging glass block projects of them all. Whether you are thinking of using glass blocks for a wall, bar, railing or maybe something you have conceived and designed yourself, glass blocks are sure to create that eye catching centerpiece everyone will compliment you on. And be assured Best Block can and will help you along every step of your project.
  Glass blocks are installed in countless applications and for countless reasons. With a wide variety of styles and sizes they will compliment any project you may be thinking of. Please consider the following...