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  We realize that it sounds corny but we pride ourselves on providing the absolute best customer service in town! We treat our customers ethically and with respect. We never use sales tricks like coupon games. We are always happy to walk our customers through every step of a project and answer all of their questions. Below are a few more examples of why we feel we are the "best" at customer service.

  First of all because we are a small company your project will not get neglected as it passes from one department to another. Your project will be handled personally from start to finish. We begin
  We install every project the old fashioned way, one block at a time on site. We place our emphasis on quality not on quantity. We do not prefabricate any windows at all. The excess water and drying additives used in making pre-fabs serves to make the mortar brittle and reduce its bonding capability. A band is placed around the window to keep it from falling apart while being transported to the jobsite. The inside mortar joints of a pre-fab window do not match the outside joints With the pre-fab method the object is to get as much done in a day as possible. Our concern is to give our customers the highest quality install possible even though that means investing the time needed in every project to do it right. Of course we are in business to make money, but not at the expense of quality.
each project with a free estimate that can be done by setting an appointment in order to meet with us, or we can simply come by your project and gather the measurments we need from the outside and then leave you a bid. Many people find that helpful due to their busy schedules. We leave the choice up to you.
  We finish each project by completely cleaning our work area. We haul away all debris then we provide an all important lien waiver and always back up our work with a complete written guarantee on both workmanship and on material.
 Finally we do offer other services such as any  number of handyman projects from small carpentry and small electrical to garage and basement cleanout. We are not however qualified to do everything, so we are honest enough to tell you if it is something we can not handle. At Best Block money is not everything!!