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  At Best Block we offer a complete line of glass block products in order to meet our customers every need . We compliment this line by offering air vents, dryer vents, escape units and anything else you need to give your glass block project that finishing touch. A few of the more popular patterns and accessories are pictured below.
 Air Vents 
Wave Pattern
Ice Pattern
Clear Pattern
Diamond Pattern
 This classic glass block pattern provides semi privacy and allows maximum light transmission. Looks great in older homes as well as new construction
This glass block pattern provides maximum privacy without blocking any of the light transmission our customers want. Great for bathroom windows.
This pattern is completely see through just like an ordinary windowpane. It has all the benefits glass blocks provide without obscuring your view. If you want to see through your new window, this is your choice. 
This pattern is yet another total privacy block and as with the ice pattern all the light people want clearly shines through. It simply offers another choice of style to match the diffrent looks people want for their glass block projects.